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social photo 150 px thumbJim Upton has been installing tile for the last 20 years. Insistent on learning everything the hard way he decided to forego formal training  and jump into the tile trade headfirst. After learning a good number of lessons by trial and error he eventually went to work for some other contractors and ended up at a tile store working alongside many other installers all of varying skill and experience levels. This provided an opportunity to try out some new skills and methods that he wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. Eight years later, in the downturn of the economy, he created a new tile contracting company, Tiger Mountain Tile Inc, based out of Issaquah Washington.

In addition to learning the skills of the tile trade he has also become a student of his craft. Studying the proper methods, keeping up to date with changes in the tile industry, joining the National Tile Contractors Association, and participating in online tile forums he considers himself a true tile nerd. Jim Upton is a CTEF certified installerNTCA member, certified Wedi installer, and has taken product specific training from Schluter Systems, Laticrete International, and Custom Building Products. He is also a moderator and regular participant on the John Bridge Forums, the largest tile specific forum on the internet (screen name: Tiger Mountain Tile Inc).

When he is not working, studying, writing, or talking about tile he likes to ride his motorcycle and enjoys losing money tinkering in the stock market.


He is also the creator of www.DIYTileGuy.com a tile blog for the DIY community.




ceramic tile education foundation

CTEF Certified Tile Installer