Bathroom Remodel in Maple Valley, Washington

Before this remodel this was a very normal looking hall bathroom that is in many homes. It had the one piece fiberglass enclosure, a nondescript vanity with a laminate top and pergo floors. But the clients had a good sense

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Thinset Decoded: A buyers guide to purchasing the right tile adhesive

Tile thinset selection frustration

Part 1:  Understanding the Differences The thinset aisle at your local big box store can be confusing and you may feel like you don’t know where to start. Do you ever wonder why one thinset costs $9 and another is

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MK-EZ Profiler- Tool Review

MK EZ Profiler

I was anxious when I first was trying out my new MK-EZ Profiler machine. Nobody had one yet (mine is number 38) and it’s a lot of money to throw away if it doesn’t work very well. After the first

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Master Bathroom Remodel for Resale in Sammamish

Sammamish Master Bathroom Renovation for resale value

A bathroom renovation that blended the homeowners wants with resale value in mind. When I meet with homeowners for the first time I always try to learn what their reason is for wanting to remodel. With this project the clients

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Don’t buy tile from a big box store until you read this

different dye lot tile

I know it seems like a pretty simple thing. You want to tile a bathroom floor so you go down to your local big box store and pick up what you need. What could go wrong? Sometimes more than you

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Noble EZ: The Un-uncoupling Membrane?

No rules

You’ve probably heard of Ditra. Maybe you’ve heard of Stratamat or SpiderWeb. If you haven’t you can check out my write up about Ditra here.  In the tile industry, these products all belong to a category called uncoupling membranes. People

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Ebbe Drains: The shower option that you never knew you had

ebbe drain shower grate

Usually when one is designing a shower or remodeling their bathroom they put a lot of thought into the tile, paint, and faucet selections but the boring shower drain is selected based on whatever the plumber has in their truck.

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How to hire a contractor for the neurotic perfectionist

hire tile contractor perfectionist

 Does “anal-retentive” have a hyphen?  ~Alison Bechdel Recently, on the John Bridge tile forum, someone wrote a post titled “After enough time, do all pros become this sloppy?” in which they describe their (not-so-great) experience with a tile contractor that

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Sammamish master bath remodel

How and why it started This is a recently completed bathroom in Sammamish Washington.  The bathroom finishes were outdated and the shower started to have some water damage and leaking issues, but because of having bad contractor experiences in the

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Sammamish Tile Floor with Pebble Border

I just finished this tile bathroom floor in Sammamish Washington. The tile is American Olean Vallano Milk Chocolate and the border is Tierra Sol Island level Pebble Timor White. This bathroom originally had carpet throughout with vinyl flooring in the

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